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Antiquity for Grammar Students

For the 2022-23 academic year, our studies will focus on Antiquity.  

Books for Use in Class

Parents are not required to purchase these books for their students. These will be used in class. Teachers will give suggested homework for use at home. Only if you wish to complete that homework at home, will you need to purchase these books.

Cottage Press
Providence Prep will order Cottage Press books together for a group discount.
Each family will need at least one copy of Poetry Reader VI from Cottage Press.

History Books


The Picturesque Tales (below) will be optional additional readings:

Beginnings, Vol. I
Beginnings, Vol. II
Conquests, Vol. III
Conquests, Vol. IV


To be determined...

Literature Books:


Art &Composer Study:

To be determined...

Antiquity Supplementary Reading List

A Wonder Book for Boys and Girls, Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tanglewood Tales, Nathaniel Hawthorne

Theras and His Town, Caroline Dale Snedeker 

The Aeneid for Boys and Girls, Alfred J. Church

A Story of the Golden Age of Greek Heroes, James Baldwin

Odyssey for Boys and Girls, Alfred Church

Famous Men of Greece (Yesterday’s Classics)

Famous Men of Rome (Yesterday’s Classics)

Our Young Folk’s Plutarch, Rosalie Kaufman

Boys’ and Girls’ Herodotus, John S. White

Peril and Peace  (Vol. 1 Chronicles of the Ancient Church)

The Golden Goblet, Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Stories from the Greek Tragedians, Alfred Church

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth, Kathryn Lasky

The Spartan, Caroline Dale Snedeker

Vinegar Boy, Hauwse

Twice Freed, Patricia St. John

A Triumph for Flavius, Caroline Dale Snedeker

Richard Newton’s Heroes of the Early Church

Plutarch’s Lives for Boys and Girls, W.H. Weston

Augustus Caesar’s World, Genevieve Foster

Pyramid, David Macaulay

City, David Macaulay

Landmark Books - Make sure they are the originals; some were edited when they were reprinted.

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Elizabeth Payne

Exploits of Xenophon, Geoffrey Household

Alexander the Great, John Gunther

Julius Caesar, John Gunther

Cleopatra of Egypt, Leonora Hornblow

Books and Materials by Level

Humanities II

Humanities I