Registration Request

We are delighted that you are considering joining us at Providence Prep!

Please take a minute to read all the pages in Our Distinctives to make sure that you are in agreement with these principles. In particular, please read Our Methods so that you understand our practices regarding student assessment, and the responsibility of the teaching parent at home. For high school students, please review the Student Evaluation & Grading page.

We are a co-operative effort. Parent involvement and help is required. Expect to be actively involved in some aspect of the co-op, such as teaching, assisting, set-up, clean up, child care for teachers, or administration. Please prayerfully consider how you might fill one or more of those roles. We will provide much guidance, equipping, and encouragement!

If you wish to register your student(s) in classes at Providence Prep for the upcoming school year, please fill out the Registration Request linked to the right. We will contact you to discuss your interest, and arrange a personal interview. Please note that filling out this form expresses your interest only, it is not binding upon you or upon Providence Prep.

For all other inquiries, contact the Providence Prep Administrator.


Providence Prep Registration Request Form