Our Classes

Humanities and English Language Studies comprise our morning studies. Students enroll for the entire morning block. Humanities Morning classes commence at 9:00 a.m. with Conventio et Recitatio (Gathering and Recitation).

Students from 5th through 12th grade study Latin in the afternoon. Classes begin at 1:00 p.m. with a brief Conventio et Recitatio Latinae (Gathering and Recitation of Latin).

All Providence Prep students from 6th grade up must be enrolled in both morning and afternoon sessions (unless no class is available for their level). All of our courses reinforce and complement each other.

Students will be required to purchase curricula and materials for each of their classes. Lists for these will be finalized in the summer and links will be provided in the Providence Prep Bookstore. We are mindful of cost considerations as we plan, and many of the materials that we will require are available used at Amazon, or free on Paperback Swap.

For an overview of how our classes are conducted, visit Our Distinctives. Please note that all class offerings are contingent upon full staffing of teaching positions and a minimum of five students in each class.

Adjunct Classes, which vary from year to year, are classes coordinated by a member of Providence Prep and hosted on our website. They are not Providence Prep courses, and are not among the required courses for our students. Families not enrolled with Providence Prep are eligible to register for Adjunct Courses.



English Studies