Humanities II

For the 2020-21 academic year, our history and literature studies will focus on Christendom.


King’s Meadow Humanities: Christendom

A comprehensive overview of history by Dr. George Grant, from the beginnings of Christianity through the Enlightenment. 

Audio is delivered in MP3 data file format.

Cottage Press: 


The Book of Centuries, Christendom Primary Source Reader, and Poetry Reader V (no current photo) will be purchased from Cottage Press in a group order. 


Sketches from Church History, Houghton & Murray
The Middle Ages, Dorothy Mills 
Renaissance and Reformation Times, Dorothy Mills
World History Atlas



Augustine -
We are only reading Book 13 (one chapter). Parents can make a free copy from an available PDF online, or buy this edition.
Ecclesiastical History of English People, Bede
History of the Kings of Britain, Geoffrey of Monmouth


Song of Roland
Le Morte D’Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory
Canterbury Tales, Chaucer   

Utopia, by Sir Thomas More
Edmund Spenser's Poetry

        A Midsummer Night's Dream (Dover Thrift Editions) by [William Shakespeare]

“Everyman” and “Second Shepherd’s Play”

The Merchant of Venice, William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream, William Shakespeare (order from Kathy Whitmore)


Supplementary Books

These are excellent, optional books to enhance your study of Christendom.

A Distant Mirror, Barbara Tuchman
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Mark Twain
The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis
The Discarded Image, C. S. Lewis
The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco
The Travels of Marco Polo
The Travels of Sir John Mandeville
The Golden Legend
The City of God, Augustine
Two Lives of Charlemagne, Einhard & Notker
Basic Writings, Anselm
Shorter Summa, Aquinas
Alfred the Great, Asser
The  Labyrinth of the World, Jan Comenius
Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes

Biographies & Non-Fiction

A Place to Stand: Martin Luther (Leaders in Action), David Vaughan, Diane Vaughan and Gene Edward Veith
A Heart Promptly Offered: The Revolutionary Leadership of John Calvin (Leaders in Action) by David W Hall
For Kirk and Covenant: The Stalwart Courage of John Knox (Leaders in Action), Douglas Wilson and George Grant
Medieval Architecture in Western Europe, Robert G. Calkins