Humanities I

For the 2020-21 academic year, our history and literature studies will focus on Christendom. 
These are some of the titles under consideration for our studies in Christendom.
The list will be finalized early this summer and links to the specific editions required will be posted.


Book of Centuries
Story of the Middle Ages, Guerber 
Story of the Renaissance and Reformation, Guerber 
History of the English Speaking People, Churchill
Famous Men of the Middle Ages
Story of Renaissance and Reformation
The Story of Europe from the Fall of the Roman Empire to the Reformation, H.E. Marshall
Trial and Triumph, Richard Hannula


English Literature for Boys and Girls, H.E. Marshall
Bulfinch's Age of Chivalry
D’Aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths
King Arthur and His Knights, by Sir James Knowles 
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Howard Pyle
Canterbury Tales, Barbara Cohen
Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott
The Magna Charta, James Daugherty
Three Musketeers, Alexander Dumas

Books and Materials by Level

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