Latin Classes

Latin is required for all Providence Prep students beginning in 6th grade, although some students start as young as 4th grade. We begin our Latin classes each week with our Conventio et Recitatio Latinae (Gathering and Recitation of Latin) corporately chanting the Latin grammar and reciting Latin memory work selections for about fifteen minutes before dividing into our respective classrooms. There are three divisions of Latin offered.

  • Latin I, II, and III These three courses comprise three years of high school Latin credit, and are ideally suited for 9th through 12th grade. 8th grade students who have completed Intro to Latin, or who have exceptionally strong English grammar skills, can also begin in Latin I. Visit our Latin Bookstore to see the required materials for these courses. Latin courses easily fulfill the foreign language requirement for most college-bound students.
  • Latin A, B, & C We recommend that students begin these sequential classes no sooner than fourth grade. Latin vocabulary is emphasized, and basic Latin grammar concepts are covered in a review and mastery format. In the process of learning Latin grammar, English grammar is reviewed and reinforced. Students learn to parse and translate Latin sentences, and eventually, longer passages. Vocabulary study includes much work with derivatives. This three year course provides many academic benefits for students across all disciplines. It is also a strong preparation for a rigorous high school Latin course of study. Visit Latin Bookstore to see required materials for these courses.



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