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Our aim is to come alongside home educating families who desire a vigorous classical liberal arts education for their students, but who need help making it happen. Our lead teachers are home-educating  parents eager to learn alongside their students, modeling a lifelong love of learning. Our thriving partnership with Patrick Henry College provides teaching internship opportunities for classical liberal arts upperclassmen, which in turn provides our students with godly young men and women as mentors and teachers. This is truly a multi-generational covenant community effort. Our weekly co-op meeting focuses on three disciplines within the larger classical liberal arts: Humanities and English Studies in the morning, and Latin in the afternoon. While we value the vital disciplines of math and science, we believe that in order for restful learning and deep engagement in our studies to occur, we need generous and unhurried blocks of time. Hence our exclusive focus on these three at our weekly meetings.From time to time, we do offer or recommend adjunct classes in the sciences and other disciplines. Please see the Resources tab for any announcements in that regard.

The centerpiece of our curriculum is Humanities, primarily comprising history and literature, but also including geography, fine arts, and philosophy. Our Humanities content has everyone in the family engaging with the same general time period to some extent. Upper School students have weekly assignments to be completed before class. Our Friday class meetings feature discussion, recitation, and student presentations.

Each year our Humanities focus is on one of four epochs: Antiquity, Christendom, American Culture, or Modernity. Classes are planned for Upper School students (junior high and high school). Lower School classes (K-5th/6th) and preschool classes  are offered for the children of Providence Prep teachers.

A classical liberal arts education necessarily requires a mastery of language arts. Our English Studies and Latin Studies provide the perfect pairing to equip students with a mastery of the written and spoken word.

  If you are not local, but are interested in adapting our curriculum to your own needs, contact our curriculum designer, Kathy Weitz, a certified Scholé Groups mentor.

"Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”

– Francis Bacon